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What are societies?


Societies are basically groups or clubs of students with common interests. For example, many students are interested in dancing, singing, writing, debating etc...A society can be formed for 10 to 20 students with interests in dance. They will learn dance as well as perform on various platforms as well.


Apart from academics, various other co-curricular activities such as dancing, singing, creative writing, public speaking etc. should get organized in our school. Though students from our school participate in all these activities on various occasions, we feel the need to have these activities organized in our school in a disciplined manner. For this, we aim to establish school societies where a group of students with common interests come to a common platform to learn new skills as well as develop their existing abilities.


School societies have various benefits:


1) School societies are operated by students themselves with very little assistance from the institution's staff. This helps in developing leadership skills in students.


2) Students get the basic platform to express their creativity be it singing or public speaking.


3) Apart from academics, all kinds of co-curricular activities are part of school societies. Students learn new things from fellow members and develop various skills related to the activity of their choice.


4) Students learn to work in a team. Communication skills, problem-solving, personality development are some other things that one learns by being a society.


5) Very important thing that one achieves through working in societies is building their CV resumes. Based on the kind of work the student has done in a society in the whole session, they are given recognition in the form of certificates and medals.


6) Workshops, lecture sessions are always a ritual of the societies. Renowned persons of the choice of students or school alumni achieving in various fields are called to school to address our students.


7) Societies perform at each event celebrated in school such as teachers day, earth day etc. and also represent the school in various competitions organized outside the school.


8) Last but not least, all these things make our institution better in terms of everything.


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The Literary society "EMANCIPATE"

Objective of the society:


Through this society, we aim to inculcate in students a love for languages(hindi, urdu, english. pahadi) and enhance their literary skills. We seek to build a platform for people with love for reading, writing and public speaking. It would enhance the communication skills of students and give them a platform to express themselves and grow. It would give them the chance to get rid of stage-fear. We also wish to promote our regional languages under this society. The literary society would also like to contribute towards the making of our school magazine.

Sub-societies under this society:


Under our literary society, there are a few smaller societies that we aim to accommodate:

1) Public-speaking: this includes speech-making, debating, poetry recitation, commentary. anchoring etc. this will be a space for students to develop their speaking skills in public and develop confidence.


2) Writing society: all those who have a knack for writing can be a part of this society. The society will cover all types of writings from poetry to article-writing


3) Reading society: this is a very new concept but also an interesting one. This includes those who love reading stories, novels or anything They can come on a common platform to form reading circles that involve group discussions


This is just a fluid structuring as all the three sub-societies are inter-connected


We are attaching the logos that we have designed for our art society and literary society

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Objective of the society:


Art makes our life more manageable, tolerable and enjoyable. There are various artists in our school with excellence in different fields like dancing, painting. We wish to bring them to ao common space through our art society.

Sub-societies under the art society:


There are different art forms for whom we want to establish a separate team:

1) Painting and sketching (and fashion designing)


2) Dancing and singing society (and dramatics/ acting society)


3) Photography society: This is also a very new concept but there are various students who have expressed interest in photography. The school photography society will be responsible for recording our school events and we will also( best photographs in school magazine.)

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Objective of the society:


Participation in quizzes is a great way to build one's knowledge of a subject. The society aims to identify students who have a curiosity for quizzing and creating opportunities to sharpen their quizzing skills. The society aims to enhance the general awareness of students Quizzes are interactive platforms where students are not participating to take home a prize or to get famous overnight, but to gain knowledge, seek opportunities beyond academicia to to excel and secure their future. Since questions are based out-of-syllabus and require critical thinking and extensive research, students get into the habit of Innovative learning from an early age.


We will regularly organize quizzes; every month there will be a quiz topic decided by the society. On special occasions such as the United Nations Day, we will organize quizzes about the same.

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Indoor & Outdoor games including:



Table Tennis




Basketball etc.

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Functions of society coordinators:

-       Organize events separately for their society

-       Make sure to have their society performance in every school event

-       Assign students to work on boards

-       Taking written permissions for every event (with detailed explanation for everything)

-       Maintain a diary of events (maintain all records)

-       Update students about their events in morning assembly

-       Keep looking for potential speakers(people that we can call) and events that can be conducted

-       Keep coming up with new ideas

-       Be available on Whatsapp after school hours

-       Make lists of material required for any event, take permission etc..

-       Registering student names of students for events

-       Report Writing

-       Minutes of Meeting

Functions of society members:

-       Coordinate with other members

-       Follow the head

-       Keep coming with new ideas


Event Management at School/within the Society:

For any event to be organized in school, there needs to be a division of work for smooth functioning of things. Different teams with members are formed for the same but for now, this is just a basic structure of that division:

1)    Research and ideation: this team has the most important work and everything starts with it only. It decides the theme of the event, researches on events that we can have on that day, searches if we can have any guest-speaker for the event. It decides on the venue for the event; stage, sitting arrangement etc.  it also decides on who will be the event moderator.

2)    Publicity and outreach team/ Information dissemination: after the research team has ideated on everything, the work of the publicity team or information dissemination team is to spread the word. In this process, if we are having any guest-speakers or chief guests, the outreach team contacts the guests through phone calls or emails. They have to frame invitation letters for the speakers. Information dissemination team works to spread the information about the various events we are having in the school through posters etc. they pin the lists of events on the notice board and inform the students about everything.

3)    Logistics and hospitality: the work of this team is to take care of the sitting arrangement; adjust the chairs, set up the stage and dice, take care of the speakers and mikes. If we have invited any guests, the hospitality team is in charge of catering to their needs; giving them water, refreshments, and welcoming them.

4)    Decor team: as the name suggests, the team is responsible for decorating the space as per the theme of the event, using eco-friendly and decorative material. 


List of potential events that can be conducted throughout the session:



1)    Book discussion

2)    Session by english teacher informing students about different types of writings/speeches

3)    Poetry recitation competition

4)    essay/article writing competition

5)    Debate competition(hindi,urdu,english)

6)    (On-spot topics- speeches)

7)    Movie discussion

8)    Story-telling (primary students) in assembly

-       Board: book recommendations, movie recommendations

-       (Aim to publish School magazine also)


 -       ARTS’ SOCIETY :

1)    Competitions: painting, singing, dancing

2)    Drama competition (new)

3)    Making students familiar with different kinds of dances and music.