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Third Millennium Public Hr. Sec. School Nowshera

Third Millennium Public Hr. Sec. School Nowshera

Welcome to Third Millennium Public School. We are a large, diverse and inclusive school, rightly proud of our students, whom we welcome from a wide range of backgrounds. We enable all our students, whatever their ability, background or heritage be to make excellent progress and achieve more than they believe to be possible. 

Our love values of 'Aspire, Believe, Achieve' are at the heart of everything we do: preparing our young pupil to be successful, fullfilled and great assets to their community in whatever field they choose to work in the future. 

From the desk of Patron

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to an institution which has earned prominence in whole of District Rajouri because of its commitment to provide excellent balance of Physical, Artistic and Social opportunities. 

Our vision of leaping ahead, outstanding, outreaching the feeding field, outperforming with excellence and out classing in results had helped us reach where we are. 

This academic session is being starred as start of 2nd Generation TMPS to recommit our selves to our vision and mission. 

We are providing a 'Play Way Children Park' in the school for kids of Nursery & KG classes with a view to better the learning environment from this academic session. We are Introducing 'Messaging Service' to better the Parent-School Communication. We want to shift ourselves to a more professional thought process from this academic session which will be evident through many more changes we are mulling to make. 

I assure you that this academic session will be the start of a new chapter in our teachers' hard work, parents confidence and readiness of students to learn. 




'Be your own light'


The student at the TMP School are encouraged to explore, reach out, and seek answers for themselves. Teachers are encouraged to involve, guide and more importantly, become learners first. 


'Aspire, Believe & Achieve'



Never underestimate the commitment of parents who are seeking the best for their children. Thus, came into existence the Third Millennium Public School in the year 2000, the start of Third Millennium.

The school was 1st run Upto 3rd Class in a rented building behind Tehsil Office, Nowshera. In the year 2002, the school was shifted to the present building in Bela, Nowshera. The school was upgraded to 5th in year 2005; upto 8th in year 2006; upto 10th in 2008; and finally to Higher Secondary Level in 2011. The school passed through many ups and downs and conditions deteriorated to the level to compelling the management to close the school. But, the commitment to the basic principles was such that parents faith in the school saved the worse from happening.  And...... we are here before you serving the students community and giving best possible results.